Sad to see me go…

Hello all. So, as you can infer from the post’s title, I am leaving the good ol’ blogging world….via WordPress. I am switching on over to Blogger. I have adjusted my perspective, eyeline, view, whatever to now be named Okie Doke and Holy Moley! So, jump on over to this ( lovely bloggy blog blog and follow me there. BTW…does anyone have ANY idea how to move all of my posts (you know, the fourteen months of them) over to my other blog in a sort of back log? I have heard about where I can turn my blog into a book, but I would love to have them on the other blog, so I can have not only a personal record but a history for newcomers to read. I am excited to see you there!

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Monogrammed to perfection!

Not last Saturday, but the Saturday before that hubs and I did a little yard work! We tore out bushes, broke a sprinkler line (that would be me not hubs, and surprisingly, he wasn’t mad at me…just happy I hadn’t taken out my toe – as I like to do yard work in flip flops – along with the sprinkler), chucked a lot unused, dirty, yuck, ick, and just plain crap stuff into our garbage cans, and generally brought a pleasant disposition to our looking-pretty-sad-house. I do have before and after pics, but alas alack, they are on David’s phone, so I will have to wait for him to email them to me before I can post them. But I do have one little addition to our house’s full frontal that I thought I’d share with you. But before I do (the suspense mounts) I need to mention that David HATES (with a capital H, A, T, E, and S) door hangy things (translation: anything that is going to slap against the door in the wind). So, my hands are a bit tied when it comes to adding the fake eyelashes to my house’s pretty face for that extra pow-wow-wow! He has been, this past year, pretty cool about wreaths, frames, etc. that haven’t seemed to slap, slap, slap their way right off the front door, so I figured as long as I minded two elements: budget and slap nuisance degree, then I’d be juuuuuusssssstttttt fine.

I did a search online for cute spring door decorations because everyone and their brother (and their brother’s dog for that matter) is more creative than I. Here’s what I found at Blue Sky Confections.

I also found this one at Little Miss Penny Wenny and thought it was cute too!


So, I thought I'll mesh the two together and fancy my own little door hanger! So, I did. For only about $6, I made this for my front door (I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby except for the frame which I got at Dollar Tree, painted with paint I had at home, and then sanded it to make it look "beat up").

I really love how it turned out! The ribbon is probably my favorite, although the jute wrapped “S” is pretty fun! I love anything with a monogram, so it was the perfect door hanger for me! And it is light enough that it doesn’t make any noise when the wind howls. Good little door decoration!


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Talk about a WINNER!

Tulsa Kids Magazine is doing a Kids Cover Contest for Tulsa’s cutest baby. I am entering Mallory. I was trying so hard to determine the picture with which I would enter her, and today, I found it…well, actually, today, I took it! Here she is. I have also provided the link to the contest page/process/rules (NOT so you can enter your adorable child, but so you can see how to vote for mine!) below! VOTE MALLORY!!!

Linkola – Just click here!

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(Random) Wedding Post

Ever since I read Katie’s post over at It’s in the Details about the flowers and other details at her wedding, I haven’t been able to get it off my mind! I have to preface this post with just a few notes. Firstly, I think my wedding turned out beautifully. The venue, the florist, my MIL all did a fabulous job of helping me plan and execute the wedding of my dreams. However, now that it is over, I’d do it all differently! Isn’t it hilarious how that works? Secondly, and this will be the jist of this post, I did not like my dress. Crazy, right? I had looked forward to getting engaged my entire life. I was that little girl who had been planning her wedding since she was ten (ala Kate and Anne in Bride Wars). I had a binder into which I would place napkins, invitations, etc. that I liked and would later use as inspiration for my own wedding. God clearly thought it was funny and ridiculous that I did this and had me wait a good long time to get Mr. Right to propose to me…I was 28. So, I had a nice, thick binder.

The inspiration for my wedding came from two things: 1. my LOVE LOVE LOVE and devotion to the color brown (just warm, am I right?) and 2. my LOVE LOVE LOVE and devotion to the month of November and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Now, I was proposed to the last week of September. My hubs and I had been together for right at seven years, and we both felt an internal urgency to get hitched. So, instead of having the wedding two months (yeah, right!!) later or a year and two months later, so I could be married in November like my binder instructed, we decided on February 7th. I liked this date for two reasons. (I have sort of a theme going on here – appopriate given that it is a wedding post.) My first reason was that it was the 7th – my husband’s favorite number. My second reason, the date would be 02.07.09. Now for all you math geeks, like me, out there, you immediately recognize that 2 plus 7 equals 9. I thought, “Nice, this works out just perfectly! I will never forget this date!” Okie doke…so we have five months to plan a wedding in a town that I have never lived and currently do not live while I have three jobs and am living at home with my parents! Sweet. Thus, our Thanksgiving wedding would be held just before Valentine’s Day. (Collective laugh and “poor girl” sigh.)

I immediately got on the “HOLY CRAP! I have to get a dress!” shopping trail. And, as anyone who has wedding dress shopped before knows, those sales ladies be PUUUSSSSHHHHHYYYYYY! Each and every one of them panicked me into thinking that not only would my dress take seven years to be ordered, made and shipped, but once I actually had it in hand, it would take another seven to have it altered. HOLY CRAP! I have to get a dress! So, I did. I tried on about five. I found one I liked (notice I didn’t say loved), and I modified it a bit…I put straps on a strapless dress and changed the color of the sash, and wham, bam, thank you ma’am, we were on our way. This was literally the first week of October. I had been engaged about…hmmm, a week. Well, this was the season of weddings for us. Say goodbye to June weddings, Fall and Winter…they’re the star months these days. David and I had three weddings we’d be attending before we arrived at our own. And let me just tell you…NEVER go to a wedding while engaged. I know this sounds crazy, but seriously. All I did while at these other weddings was covet the decisions those brides made that I hadn’t. Specifically, the wedding we went to in October. I LOVED her dress. It was out of this world gorgeous. And I was devastated. Literally, I cried. And upon returning home, I drove straight to the dress store and asked if I could exchange my dress for another. Of course, they said no. I had custom ordered it. I was so upset. But there was no turning back from my dress, so I made the best of it. The funny part about this whole thing is that my dress was SO ME! But even on the day of my wedding, I was not completely happy. Okay, so time for pics. Here is the dress I “wanted”.

It’s Monique Lhullier and like a million dollars. This was not in my budget. However, I had/have found others that were nice little knock-offs of the original, but I guess I wasn’t strong enough to tell those sales ladies to stuff their paranoia. I also, of course, LOVED Vera Wang, Amsale, and even JCrew. I would have HAPPILY taken any of these!

But this is what I got. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it was ugly, not even close. I did like it. Just notice, I didn’t say, I LOVED it. Oh well. At least it photographed well. And, I was my heaviest at my wedding (exception the day before giving birth to my child), so it covered well. And for anyone who knows me well, it is perfectly me.

This picture was taken as David and I were leaving the reception, so I had been in this dress for about 8 hours at this point. It is a bit wrinkled, but it gives you the idea. Alas alack, what I’d change!

This is the back of the dress as I walked with my nephews. I adore this picture. It was totally staged, but who cares!

There’s no real moral to this story, just sharing. I will share more pics of my BIG day in later posts. Just couldn’t get all the gorgeous wedding dresses I didn’t get to wear out of my head! Anyhoo. One more post coming up today…sorry! I promise I am not trying to overdose you on me. That’d be a really boring way to go. :)

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Holy Crap, this is SO true.

I was reading a great blog called Life as a Lunchbox. She posted a little ditty about the greatest Mother’s Day card out there. I tend to agree with her. Here it is:

The front says: “Motherhood
A summary.”

The inside says: “Holy crap!
It’s hard.
The End
(Happy Mother’s Day to someone who makes it look easy.)”

Now, this is perfect. Funny, charming, appropriate, and complimentary. And OH SO TRUE.

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For my mom, and my sister. The two best mothers I know.

I have said before that if I ever write a book, it will probably be entitled, All the Things I Need to Know, I Learned from My Sister. It’s true. Then, I would follow it up with All the Things I Never Knew I Needed to Know but Do Now, I Learned from My Mother. Not only are these two women examples of beauty, kindness, creativity, compassion, truth, standard, integrity, endurance, spirituality, strength, and intelligence, they are women who you so desperately want to be friends with because you know it will make your life better just by being around them. I have often said that I am very lucky because my sister is a woman who, even if she wasn’t my sibling, I’d seek her out to be friends with her.

She is so in love with her four kids. They are her world, and they know it. Sometimes they forget, like all 3, 6, 7, and 9 year olds do, but deep down they know that she will love them through it all, and that she is their number one fan, supporter, defender, confidant, and cheerleader. But the most important thing she teaches them is to pray. She teaches them to talk to God and reminds them that He listens and knows them. She is fun. She is the ultimate party planner, and she is always up for a cupcake or cookie – no special occassion required. She is who I have chosen to raise Mallory if anything were to happen to David and me. I chose her for all of the reasons above, but mostly, I chose her because she would raise Mallory (and any other subsequent children we have) just as I would, well just as I would but better.

My mom. Well, my mom is my best friend. She makes seamless transitions (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly – whatever the case may be) between being my mom and my greatest confidant. She knows everything there is to know about me. I tell her everything (within reason), and she supports me. She will, however, tell me when she doesn’t think my choices are the best choices. She will remind me of where I want to go (as I have dictated to her), and that perhaps the path that I am on is not the route to get there. My mom is one of the most internally beautiful people I know. (And she is very pretty too! Sometimes people think you can’t have both…she does!) Her two most outstanding attributes are first her ability to forgive (something I am SO FAR from mastering, or even having a handle on it’s silly), and second her level of service. She would do ANYTHING for ANYONE. I have witnessed her, over the years, forgive those closest to her and those she would very rarely interact with of silly little disagreements and squabbles to mistakes that tear families and relationships apart. She is an example of gratititude and having a relationship with her Father in Heaven and brother, Jesus Christ. She is good to the core. And I want to be just like her when I grow up – if I am lucky.

Each day I am blessed by these two women. Every once in a while I get a little glimpse of myself in them and I am pretty dang happy. But I’ve got a long way to go. How grateful I am, though, that I am around them so much to learn from them. Lucky girl. Lucky sister. Lucky daughter. Lucky friend.

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Happy Mother’s Day (this year, this strangely includes me!)!!

It’s officially my first mother’s day. Last year, David went ahead and celebrated my pregnant soon-to-be Mommyhood and bought me a sweet Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. It was incredibly thoughtful and kind! (He’s a good gift giver.) This year, I got a massage and a workout outfit. Like I said, he’s a great gift giver. But this year, the first official year, well, it hasn’t been all breakfast in bed, clean house, and present giving. Nope, I was actually up and on a run by 7 this morning, back home to a dirty house, an unmade bed and houseguests (that I love!), only to be whisked off to breakfast, then brunch with the fam, and now home to decompress while the little one (and David) takes a snooze. This year is just as it should be. I have spent the better part of the day with those I love, my ridiculous little girl who waves hello and goodbye, coughs like she has the black lung (Zoolander anyone?) and can’t wait to get her feet moving. She is my greatest blessing. She is my greatest reminder of the woman I want to be for her. She is the greatest decision I’ve ever made, and she is the greatest challenge I will always welcome. God has blessed my life. I have those moments that all honest mothers do when they just want their kid to go to sleep or sleep a little longer. I have those moments when I am puked on, pooped on, spit on, or simply bit (yes, Mallory has bitten me three times with her two little teeth. Each time has been when she is in the shower with me and she is scared I might drop her, so she digs into my shoulder as a last chance survival tactic.) But I love her. I would take stinking for the rest of my life, being covered in kid spit, and a permanent bruise from her two little teeth simply to have her hold my finger for a moment, lay her head down on my shoulder and snuggle into my neck, or even just smile. She is bliss.

I’m officially a mom, and it only took me thirty years to get here. How sweet it is.

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